Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We're One of a Kind

We appreciate our current customers and look forward to doing business with future customers. We pride ourselves on offering unique urns that are impossible to resist. We always like to remind our customers why our urns are different from the rest. The passing of a beloved pet isn't the most pleasant experience, but Pet Praise would like to offer a helping hand in creating beautiful memory.

Our Romanian and Indian wooden urns have their own unique touch. No two urns are the same, only one of a kind. From the texture of wood that it is cut from to the strokes of the lines on the urn, each has a one of a kind pattern. However, we offer more than wooden urns.  As shown, our urns come in various shapes and sizes. We are 100% confident that we not only have the urn to express your personality but also an urn that represents the memory of your pet.

However, we offer more than wooden urns. Below are our sleek metal urns, which are perfect to fit into any home decor.

(Madison Series to the left)

(Shelby Series to the right)

Our retail customers who would like to purchase an individual urn can click here to visit our website. Additional props to add to an urn of your choice are offered throughout the site. Engraving is available to add a more personality!

Vendors Click Here to view our current catalog ! Contact us at 1-866-282-5163 or Email Us  for more information and to submit an wholesale request.

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