Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Show a Little Compassion

Although a visit to the crematory isn’t a delightful trip for a pet owner, crematories can develop a few methods to ease the hearts of pet owners who have lost a pet. Everyone smiles when they reflecting upon wonderful memories. Whether it's a cat, dog, bird, or fish, memories help bring people to their “happy place”.

If your crematory only offers one type of cremation, you might want to consider other methods. Maybe your customer would rather their pet be cremated by themselves rather than be combined with other pets. Refer back to our post How do private and communal pet cremations differ ? to read about the different forms of cremations. Don’t forget to consider the eco-friendly way by using Bio-Response Alkaline Hydrolysis. Be prepared to answer questions in detail about the method they may be interested in. It builds confidence in the pet owner that you will handle their beloved pet with care.

Items such as engraved plates, flowers, picture inserts, and more can be an addition to an urn. These additions will remind pet owners of memorable moments they had with their pet every time they take a glimpse at the urn.

Guide the customer and make them feel a sense of care and compassion the moment they walk in the door.  Ask them a couple of questions such as:

·      What was your pet’s favorite toy?
·      What was your pet’s favorite food?
·      What is the funniest memory you have of your pet?

These tips will help your establishment not only be viewed as a business but also a place of comfort. 

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