Monday, June 22, 2015

Get Prepared

Whether you’re a pet owner or a caretaker, making sure your pet is prepared in case of a disaster is a must. Family pet owners, veterinarians, and even crematories should at least know the basics of pet preparedness that they can share with owners.

       Disasters like Hurricane Katrina opened the eyes of many pet owners across the country. To recap, the devastating 2005 hurricane left many pet owners deciding whether or not to leave their pet in order to save their own lives. With 200,000 pets displaced, it forced organizations like ASPCA to encourage owners not to take pet preparedness lightly.

The humane society gives a couple pointers on pet preparedness kit including:
·      Food and water for at least five days
·      Medications and medical records
·      Cat litter box, litter, litter scoop, and garbage bags
·      Sturdy leashes, harnesses, and carriers
·      Current photos of you with your pets and
descriptions of your pets
·      Written information about your pets feeding schedule, medical conditions and behavior issues along with the name ad number of your veterinarian

Click Here to view an extended list to guarantee  your pet has the best chance at survival. 

Post guidelines about pet preparedness in your facilities and encourage pet owners to take action now for events that may happen later.

Spread the word about the importance of being prepared. What strategies have you implemented to ensure your pets safety in case of a disaster? In addition, what advice would you give to others?

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