Monday, May 18, 2015

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The most vulnerable time for a pet owner is the day their pet passes away. Sadly, scammers look at these individuals as dollar signs. This blog gives a couple pointers about how to avoid being scammed. Refer back our previous blog posts How do I know that I am only getting my pet’s ashes back? and How do private and communal pet cremations differ ? to get a brief overview of what you can expect from the cremation process.

In an article, “ The Pet Cremation Conspiracy Theory and the Hardest Lesson I Have Ever Learned” by Minette, she discussed a few things she’s learned from a personal experience after her dog, Furry Angel, had passed. Her beloved dogs’ ashes were transferred from a holey Ziploc bag to a velvet bag with just a name tag. The card did not contain the weight of the ashes, the time it was cremated, the steps of the process, NOTHING!  For all Ms. Minette knew, the cremains that were handed to her may have been a bird name chipper.
Furious about the poor service provided, she reached out to local media, other local crematories, and various veterinary clinics. After no positive responses, Minette shared her story and advice to other pet owners. Minette stumbled upon only two crematories that recorded the whole process, which was guaranteed insurance for the owner that they are receiving their pet. However, not all crematories record their process, Minette noted, so she suggested the following:
  •   Speak to surrounding veterinary clinics about crematories
  •   Do your research

o   Reviews on the website
o   Speak to other customers who’ve visited that crematory

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In addition, some things you may want to inquire about before continuing the process are:
  •        Asking about the different methods of cremations offered
  •        Can cremations be viewed
  •        Ask for a personal tour of facility

What advice can you give a grieving pet owner ? 
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