Monday, April 13, 2015

Location Location Location !

            So, we know being in the pet services industry means a possible strike up in revenues. Human cemeteries around the world are now considering dipping into the pet industry market. David and Kristen McVeigh-Parente, owners of McVeigh Funeral Home in Albany, NY, considered adding new services to their 4th generation cemetery. Their logic is simple for investing in this industry. Families treat their pet as a part of the family, so they should receive the same treatment. ‘ “We will bring the knowledge, skill set and respect that we offer humans to beloved pets” ’ stated David Parente.

It’s not as easy as just building a place to do solely pet cremations. There are many rules and guidelines to follow, making this investment a little tricky. The McVeigh’s experienced a bump in the road when they put in a request to convert a garage into a crematorium! Many red flags arose not only from the state but the surrounding community. For starters, as Grondahl noted, the state law prevents a licensed funeral home from owning a crematorium. In addition, the community had concerns about chemical discharges and noxious odors. An investor should always review the rules and guidelines of his/her state before moving forward with building.

While pending approval from the city, the McVeigh- Parente’s presented their plans to surrounding neighbors, neighborhood association, and a Common Council member. Brad Glass, Albany land use planner, stated in the interview, “We need to do our due diligence and make sure it’s not going to impact the surrounding residents”. Community concerns should be taken into account when anyone is dealing with not only human, also pet cremations as well. 

Many pet crematories purchase their equipment from Matthews International. According to Grondahl, the McVeigh-Parente’s plan on doing the same. This company offers state of the art equipment for crematories. Catering to pets of all sizes and humans as well. Most importantly, Matthews International’s equipment has ‘guaranteed environmental acceptance’, tackling the issue of chemical discharges among communities. Another upcoming safe and environmental friendly way of cremation is Alkaline-Hydrolysis. Click Here to read more!

The McVeigh-Parente’s, along with many other individuals who want to open a pet crematory, learned they will have to do a bulk of work before construction even begins. Some of these include:
·      Checking to see the legal issues affiliated with opening a business
·      Environmental concerns
·      Community involvement
·      Cost
And many more!

What issues have you encountered in regards to location when opening your crematory?

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