Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Indian Urns

Pet Praise has its very own line of both pet and human cremation urns. Many of our wooden urns are manufactured in India. Our Indian urn collection consists of the Wilmington Collection, the Wingate Tower Urn Collection, the Winston Series, the Shelby Collection, the Madison Series, and last but not least, the Windsor Collection. Our unique urns are manufactured in the beautiful state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Constructed of seesham wood, the selection of urns we offer vary in size, finish, and overall appearance; each possesses qualities that are perfect for memorializing a deceased loved one. 

Manufacturing the Urns
The first step in creating these one of a kind wooden urns is to harvest the wood logs. Trees are cut by the Forest Department Of Govt Of India. Initially, the wooden logs are auctioned to wholesalers, and then they are sold to manufacturers. After the purchase of the logs by the wholesaler, they are run through the cutting machine which finely slices wood and prepares it for the urn production process. The wood slices are put into the wood seasoning plant, where most of the moisture is drawn out. Wood Seasoning is a vital part of the urn manufacturing process. This process affects the final product and determines how much the wood will swell, how well it will shape, and if the completed urn will warp. The seasoning procedure includes several operations:

  •       Drying in kilns
  •       Final Equalization of the moisture content between the pieces
  •       Cooling
  •      Reconditioning of the wood in preparation to assemble the urns
The wood has a very high moisture content. This moisture has to be extracted in order to shape and size the finished product. The wood seasoning process takes about fifteen to twenty days. Once the the wood is seasoned, it is carefully cut to the specified dimensions of each the urn in preparation for the urn manufacturing process. These pieces of wood are now ready to be assembled into urns. The individual makes sure each side of the urn is perfectly aligned before sending the urn to the fifth stage. In order to hold the pieces perfectly in place, each urn is put into a clamp. To get the perfect sleek look, the urn receives its finishing touches. Final fine trims take place, the urn is deeply buffed, then perfectly stained. The finished products are one of a kind urns that are sleek and appealing to the eye, making them some of Pet Praise's divine products. 


Uttar Pradesh is known for many different crafts; such as, carpet, metal ware, pottery, terrecotta, and jewelry. Among these crafts is also Chikankari. Chikankari are various unique designs of traditional hand embroidery. During the time when the mughals ruled, the persians inspired styles which later became very popular amongst the people of India. Originally designed as a white on white embroidery, which most common people know as "whitework". Since then, multiple colors are used in each unique design, making Chikankari even more appealing. The embroidery is carefully crafted on but not limited to chiffon, doruya, muslin, organza, organdie and silk. The pieces of clothing, Chikan saris and Kurtas, are best for summer wear because of the very cool texture. These artistic individuals practice these crafty unique designs in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. To find out more about different crafts in Uttar Pradesh, Click Here . 

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