Monday, June 16, 2014

Bio-Response - Alkaline Hydrolysis

    •  Alkaline Hydrolysis is an alternative to fire-based cremation. Amos Herbert Hobson originally patented Alkaline Hydrolysis in the United States on December 25, 1888.Over 700 veterinary clinics are now offering this eco-friendly and cost-effective method of cremation to families across the country. For businesses this method of decomposition help increase revenue and decrease expenses. The system used for Alkaline Hydrolysis comes in various sizes to accommodate small and large pets up to 4000 lbs. Funeral homes and other cremation centers have more options on locations because the equipment used eliminates them from burdensome air quality limitations. In addition, these systems are user friendly requiring a small about of labor and easy installation.
    • Located in Pittsboro, Indiana Bio-Response specializes in waste water systems and alkaline hydrolysis technology. Associates are worldwide including Australia, South America, Canada and many others striving to increase awareness of their eco-friendly technology. Collaborating with different parts of the industry such as fabricators and engineers, Bio-Response assures their spot in the competition because of the constant rotation of new and improved ideas. Alkaline Hydrolysis Disposition is what Bio-Response refers to as, “The Responsible Choice”
    • According to Bio-Response Solutions, “The positive outcomes of Alkaline Hydrolysis are why over 80% of families prefer this method to fire-based cremation”. Not only do owners of these beloved pets receive an adequate amount of ash remains to put into their personalized urn, but also because each pet is placed in an individual section the ash remains received are solely their pets.  
    • Although similar to fire-based cremations, in which the ashes are returned to the family, Alkaline Hydrolysis helps protect the environment for all the “Go Green” advocates. According to Bio-Response, while having zero emissions of harmful greenhouse gases, they also have very low energy consumption . Combining water flow, temperature, and alkalinity accelerates the natural course of tissue hydrolysis. This process uses 95 % water and 5% alkali, talk about environment friendly.
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