Monday, November 25, 2013

After my pet is cremated, do I need to purchase an urn?

            Most pet owners purchase an urn for their pet though it is not a requirement. The purchase of an urn depends on how you would like to remember your pet. After the cremation process, depending on the owner’s request and the crematories policy, cremains can be stored in multiple ways. Such as, plastic bags, a tin container, an upgraded purchased urn, and many more.  After the ashes are put into the specified urn, a paper is attached to identify the pet that has been cremated.
 Some owners prefer to buy an urn to place in their household. Portions of your pet’s ashes can also be placed in multiple small urns so many family members can share a piece of the memory. Owners also decide to spread their pet’s ashes. Emptying the cremation remains out of the container, bag, urn, or using a special tube are all options. 

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