Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How do I know that I am only getting my pet’s ashes back?

The only way to receive only your pet’s ashes is through private cremations.  Although it is more costly, private cremations guarantee the ashes received are solely your pet’s. Unlike communal cremations where two or more pets are put into the furnace at once, private cremations involve a max of two pets separated by a divider. In a communal cremation process, when the cremains are removed from the furnace the owner receives some of their pet’s ashes as well as other pets. However, in a private cremation process, the owner receives only their pet’s ashes.
Crematories have different ways to log information about a pet to ensure they return to the correct owner. Usually, when a pet enters the crematory, ID tags are given until the cremation process is completed. When the owner picks up their pet, the ID tag is either on the outside or inside of the bag where the ashes are placed. 

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