Friday, August 23, 2013

"Special Dog Treats made by Special Hands"

"Special Dog Treats made by Special Hands" 
SPECIAL BAKERS PARTY!!! arcBARKS is one extraordinary company. Formed in 1963, Individuals that make all the treats at arcBARKS have intellectual and developmental disabilities. The young women and men are so uplifting. When some of our Pet Praise associates stopped by they were having a party for one of the leaders, Sarah. They were dancing and singing and just having such a good time. Having the bakers interact with us just gave each of us a warm heart and a sense of joy. arcBARKS theme is to “promote independence and the chance for all citizens to enjoy a meaningful presence in our community”. Isn’t that just awesome! Hats off to Sarah and the other directors for the time and effort they put into arcBARKS to help individuals with disabilities feel apart of their community.  They enjoy working with what they called their “Special Bakers” and we are sure that the bakers love working with them. One of the awesome things about the packaging is the design of the box. In addition to some of the bakers being on the front, on the back it has a promise from all the “Special Bakers” saying,
“We promise to put as much love into our treats as you put into you pup”
and all the chefs signed the box. It gives the box a lot of uniqueness and personality.
“All ingredients are mixed, rolled, cut-out, baked, and packaged by our Special Bakers. Each Special Baker learns how to perform one or many of the steps used in the manufacturing process. These skills are then used while working at arcBARKS or may be transferred to other job opportunities such as working in a conventional bakery, food service, nursing home, hospital cafeteria, etc. arcBARKS treats all natural ingredients and hand made.” Click and purchase your arcBARKS treat today !

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