Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer months - keeping your dog sane !

A Happy Dog is a Friendly Dog 

Not everyone likes to have dogs in the house. So, if you’re going to make your dogs permanent residence in the back yard, make it dog friendly. From the pets fur to the size of the doghouse there are various things one must know to make it comfortable.
Outdoor doghouses, when properly constructed, should offer your dog or dogs a shelter from both the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. It should be somewhere where your dog feels comfortable and safe. Make sure your dog house is waterproof and insulated, and that it is large enough to adequately and comfortably contain your dog. Inside the doghouse, your dog should have plenty of room to stretch out, stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably.

Just like us, dogs can get dehydrated just as fast. If you are going to have your dog doing various things, make sure your giving them an adequate amount of water. Also, try to always keep a bowl of fresh water in the doghouse. Because of the excessive heat sometimes, avoid extra exercise. Overexertion on hot days can lead to heat stress. Keep this in mind in timing walks and runs with your pooch. Watch your dog! Excessive panting, rapid heartbeat, blank or ‘lost’ looks, and vomiting are all signs of dehydration and other issues in struggling with the heat.
            About to cut your dogs fur? STOP! Keep him well groomed, yet avoid falling into the temptation to cut or shave their fur short, as many pet owners do. Many think this is keeping them cooler. What is truly happening is you are taking away your dog’s natural “sunscreen.” Your dog can, and will, get sunburned.
            Also remember, when building a doghouse its best to have a portable one.  A lot of people tend to houses either to heavy to move or to fragile. Being able to move the doghouse is important because during certain temperatures throughout the year your dog need proper coverage.  During summer months, doghouses should be kept in the shade. When it rains, the entry of the doghouse should not be facing the direction the rain is coming. This will cause the doghouse to possibly flood and start molding. During winter months, their isn’t a specific place to but the doghouse but make sure the inside is insulated so the dog doesn’t freeze. 

By: Zakayla Hughes , Pet Praise Intern 

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