Friday, March 16, 2018

Take Some Time For You

Photo By: Peg Rosen

We’re often busy with business, work, and other obligations that we forget about the little things that help take the edge off a bit. We should always take some time to spoil ourselves and some of our furry little four-legged best friends.
Think about it! 
When was the last time you truly had a day of happiness? How about when you decided to adopt a puppy or kitten, did you do it? The little things help make a huge difference in your attitude and in your life. The best thing about it is that there are days throughout the year dedicated to acknowledge you and your pets. 
For example, did you know that March is filled with many days of recognition other than St. Patricks Day? Well, news flash ! There are tons ! Below are some upcoming days dedicated to happiness, pets, respect, and a little exercise. 

  • March 17 - St. Patrick’s Day 
  • March 20 - International Day of Happiness
  • March 23 - National Puppy Day 
  • March 28 - Respect Your Cat Day 
  • March 30 - Take a Walk in the Park Day 

Take a step back and make some time for both you and your pet. After all, they are the best friend anyone can ask for! 
Leave a comment and tell us some days throughout the year that you love ! 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Let’s Refresh !

Happy New Year Everyone!

Pet Praise is continuing to offer many amazing products, monthly promotions, and even some close out products that you can get for a sweet deal! We’re also going to have several opportunities for you to have a chance to win awesome prizes.

Wingate Tower
We work with suppliers worldwide to assure we cater to your every need. Our one of a kind, handcrafted products are a must-have when honoring your beloved pet. It gets better! You can personalize your unique selection as we offer the option to engrave some of our products!

Here is a view of our catalog so you can learn more about where and how our unique products are made. When you’re finished exploring, don’t hesitate to place your order TODAY!
For inquires and pricing, feel free to call (866)-282-5163 or Email.

Tip: How to close wooden urns with screws

Closing an urn that requires screws can sometimes be a difficult task. The reason for this is due to the variation in the screw placement. When the top or bottom of an urn is taken off completely, it can be difficult to place it back in the exact position to line the screws up for closure. Thanks to one of our customers, we have a solution!....
  • Unscrew all of the screws on the base of the urn leaving one corner screw partially unscrewed
  • Turn the base or top to expose the urn cavity and insert the ashes. 
  • After the ashes are inserted, turn the base in reverse to line up the holes and insert the screws to tighten.